A typical design consulting project package deliverable will include:

  • Schematic Design (SD Phase) – Initial phase of the design which typically includes a system design narrative that outlines the overall intent of the design of the system.
  • Design Development (DD Phase) – This phase starts the drawing package and contain general information for the legend / coversheet, device locations on site and floor plans, cable routing back to telecom closets, riser and one-line diagrams, schedules, and general details. In most projects, a probable cost of construction will be produced in this phase.
  • Construction Documents (CD Phase) – This phase is a refinement of the Design Development phase where more detail is added so that construction can begin based on information on these drawings.
  • Construction Administration (CA Phase) – During and after construction, this phase is initiated to ensure intended installation of the system that has been designed. Integrated Design will work closely with our clients to provide subject matter expert support on all Low-Voltage systems.