A typical low-voltage design project package deliverable will include:

  • Engineered Bill of Materials – List of equipment required for installation based on completed shop drawing design including equipment cabinets, mounting brackets, batteries, devices, device mounts, and other miscellaneous items not included in the original product submittal. This document increases purchasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Shop Drawings – Cover sheet with device and wire legends, floor plan drawings, large scales, riser diagrams, point-to-point control panel wiring layouts, applicable battery and voltage drop calculations, and device details. The drawings will be transmitted electronically in AutoCAD and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. We can provide hard copies of drawings, billed at our invoiced rate if requested.
  • Product Datasheet Submittals – Equipment datasheets assembled in electronic PDF format for submission to engineering/architectural firms at the start of a project for approval.
  • As-built Drawings – We will provide electronic as-built closeout drawings at the end of the installation based on field mark-ups and any variances to the original scope of work. This is typically included as an add service line item, if requested.